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Dragon Moon Rising, Book I of the Derkesthai Trilogy


Dragons & Men… so different? Immerse yourself in a world of true fantasy.


In Dragon Moon Rising, the true story of the race of dragons is traced back to its roots…, over six-hundred years back, before the veil of a violently evil spell was cast over the once honorable dragon race.


To a time when man and dragon lived as one, creating a strong world of peace.





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 In this distant past, a young and novice wizard named Imbrasius, and his dragon companion, Hilengard, adventured through the land of Derkesthai together. Their happy days were not to last, as a cruel plague sprang forth and conquered the kingdom of Tlivus like no army could.


 Its cruel hand took Imbrasius’ family from him before he could become the healer he knew he could be. The embittered and vengeful Imbrasius traveled to the Capital city of Elevstad and arduously learned to defeat the plague with the aid of loyal Hilengard.


Word of the young wizard’s miracles spread like an ocean wave, reaching even the oldest and wisest of dragons, Dragon Lord Heridosus. The wise Dragon Lord summonsed the companions to him, then leading them to the human leader, King Argus. The trio arrived to find only a shattered shell of what the King once was, for he had lost his mind with the deaths of his family. Now he stood sobbing tragically over his last child, the dying Princess Lisinda. To the three visitors, it was clear Lisinda was too far gone. Yet Imbrasius couldn’t turn his back and, valiantly, he attempted what was clearly beyond reach.


The Dragon Lord Heridosus, seeing Lisinda slipping away, and Imbrasius waning, granted the wizard power that gave the healing the smallest chance…




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