Derkesthai Series Books 1-3

…summary from Dan O’Connor, the author:

I’m loathe to give a lot of revelations about Book 3 as I like the mystery of it all for the reader.
Once completed, the Derkesthai Trilogy will be made up of these novels:

Book 1, Dragon Moon Rising
Book 2, Dragon Moon’s Imminence
Book 3, Untitled Work


Book 1
Title: Dragon Moon Rising.
Length: Approx. 40,000 words.
Target age group for this book: ten years and up.
It is a fantasy book containing humans, dragons and wizards. This book is the first in a series entitled the “Derkesthai” series. “Derkesthai” is the name of the planet in the series, I chose this word as it is from the derivation of the word “dragon,” and means, “to see.”
As the book begins the first main character, a young human named Jos, has only recently managed to escape from the slave camp in which he grew up. He soon runs into the second main character, a dragon named Lessiam. In the book’s first pages Lessiam is mysteriously awakening from a spell which has transformed him into solid stone for centuries. The dragon, Lessiam, doesn’t have any idea he’s missed six centuries or even that he was under a spell at all.
Jos sees Lessiam and the lad runs off— he’s heard of only violence and evil when it comes to dragons. Lessiam lets him go, but soon sees that Jos is in trouble, the guards of the camp he’d been enslaved at are after him. Lessiam flies off to rescue Jos and a friendship gradually forms from there.
As the story develops the two of them team up to first discover what is at the root of the changes that Lessiam sees in the world. They eventually learn of the calamity that befell the world; then set out to undo its effects. They try to bring freedom and life back to an insane, dying world. In doing so they learn more of themsleves and one another. 
DMR tells of their early adventures on their mission to save man and dragonkind. It also encompasses the first major battle on the road to freedom.


Book 2
Title: Dragon Moon’s Imminence. Length: Approx.
40,000 words. Target age group for this book: ten years and up.
Once Jos and Lessiam have discovered what’s happened to their land and their kind, they must organize a resistance that has a chance to defeat the evil of the land.
This eagerly-awaited novel will be published on 13 March, 2016.


Book 3–While the ending to the Dekesthai Trilogy has been created and the final portion of the series already written, the author prefers to keep this under wraps until publication, expected in late 2013.