Derkesthai Series: People, Places and Facts





At the request of readers, I am including a quick summary of places, people and some facts. This is for those reading this novel a bit after having read Dragon Moon Rising, or for anyone who could use the help! I hope you find this of assistance in keeping the story straight. If you’re not careful, it’ll fly away from you.




Pink = bad guy

Green= good guy

Human  Males

Doldrus- evil wizard who ran Lexiter.

Halst- overseer who beat Aresia near the beginning of Dragon Moon Rising Book 1

Imbrasius- lead bad wizard, lives in Ulkstgrad in Castle Imbrast 

Umitsan- wizard of the slave camp Jos grew up in.

Brast- bully of Compartment 10 of the old Lexiter prison. In Chapter 14 of Book 1 he was spotted as aiding the enemy and Jules tied him up.

Albrest- a Compartment 17 Unit I/C (I/C = an In-Charge, one who is in charge of something), later he was promoted to one of Jules’ commanders)

Brent- young boy who is first introduced at end of Chapter 15 of Dragon Moon Rising Book 1

Gionis- a Compartment 17 Unit I/C, later he was promoted to one of Jules’ commanders

Halms- Compartment 17 Unit I/C, later he was promoted to one of Jules’ commanders

Josiah Haberson, aka “Jos”- our ex-slave main character, a leader of The Rebellion

Julesit, aka “Jules”- leader of Compartment 17 in Lexiter escape, later he was promoted General of the escaped Lexiter rebels (The Rebellion)

King Argus- the human king at the time the Dragon Moon Spell was first cast.

Lukas- a Compartment 17 Unit I/C, later he was promoted Jules’ Aide-de-camp (assistant to a senior military officer)

Human Females

Aorem- Imbrasius’ love interest who died before he could learn to save her, as described by Klawsan in the middle of Dragon Moon Rising Book 1

Aresia, aka “Res”- Jos’ best friend from slave camp he escaped from

Blixa- Compartment 17 Unit I/C, later she was promoted to one of Jules’ Commanders

Crystal- Deputy General of The Rebellion, love interest of Jules

Ilivia- Jos’ sister who was tortured and killed, described in Dragon Moon Rising Book 1

Kendra- Compartment 17 Unit I/C, later she was promoted to one of Jules’ Commanders

Princess Lisinda- the Human King’s daughter

Nembloth- evil female wizardess

Dragon Males

Lessiam- our main dragon

Krigsly- Lessiam’s portly buddy- he isn’t in the book beyond a brief mention in

Dragon Moon Rising Book 1

Klawsan- Lessiam’s granddad                                                                       

Hilengard- Imbrasius’ friend from childhood, before becoming evil, later worked against Imbrasius

Heridosus- Dragon Lord when Imbrasius was rising to power

Dlivus, aka “Dliv”- Sea Dragon of Doldrus’ tower in Lexiter

Red- Fire Dragon of Doldrus’ tower in Lexiter

Residamel- leader of the Klylocs

Reavul- evil dragon of Lexiter, Dragon Moon Rising Book 1.

Galdier- evil dragon of Lexiter, Dragon Moon Rising Book 1.

Dinx- brown dragon with Blacky- Dragon Moon Rising Book 1.

Livert- brown dragon with Blacky- Dragon Moon Rising Book 1.

Falkaw- black lead dragon of Dragon Moon Rising Book 1.

3 dead dragons from Dragon Moon Rising Book 1, Chapter 8. Names are Bilditz (Black one that was killed first), Jeloust (brown one that was killed next) and Kilz (Black one that was killed last).

Dragon Females

Melou- Lessiam’s friend, a blue dragon.

Specialized terms:


Derklings: Inhabitants of Planet Derkesthai


Derkesthain: Of, having to do with, Planet Derkesthai

Dragon Moon Spell: The spell that Imbrasius cast six hundred years ago which will reach it’s full level of destruction when the next full moon rises over the horizon, described fully in Chapter 11 of Book 1


Klylocs: Twenty-one dragons of Lexiter who had been serving Imbrasius’ purposes, but, upon hearing the truth from Jos, pledged their help to save dragonkind and mankind


Scalewood Tree: Tree with certain little-known healing properties, name comes from the bark’s resemblance to a dragon’s scales


The Rebellion: The group fighting the Dragon Moon Spell. At start of Book 2 it consists of Lessiam, Jos, the escapees of Lexiter and the Klylocs.





Angel’s Grace- a mountain peak, on the East side of the town of Lexiter.


Derkesthai- the planet of the Derkesthai Trilogy. “Derkesthai” is the Greek base of the word dragon, in Greek it meant “to see.”


Diluthian (River)- Nuasiotte used to flow south into it. Now she dries up well before the Diluthian.


Elevstad- Capital of the continent of Tlivus.


Elinthian Fields- the fields just north of Lake Elinthia.


Fraerburg- a town that Imbrasius’ love (now deceased) lived in.


Illoplisis- slave camp that Jos and Aresia grew up in.


Ilustrade- the cave where Heridosus held court.

Jeridstolt- western peak of the valley of Lexiter.


Klawsan’s cave- some twenty miles NW of Lexiter.


Lexiter- main town of Book One, near Granddad’s cave.


Lake Elinthia- lake just south of Elevstad.


Lonit- the mountain Klawsan lives/lived in.


Mount Klinx- a tall mountain just west of Lonit.


Nostivad- a town several hundred miles north of Klawsan’s home. Imbrasius grew up in this town.


Nuasiotte (River)- Southeast of Lexiter


Smelged- town about two hundred miles north of Lexiter.


Tilidian Mountains- the mountains well west of Lessiam’s awakening. A long range, they extend north of Elevstad.


Tlivus- continent where Dragon Moon Rising’s story takes place.




Notes on the forming Rebellion, as of the beginning of Book 2:


There were twenty compartments in the old Lexiter Prison. Each compartment had about 1,200 prisoners. Compartment 17 was the first one to be freed in Book 1. It was led by Jules. He immediately appointed six subordinates to be over the people of the compartment. He called these six people Unit I/Cs (I/C is short for “in-charge,” meaning someone in charge). Jules then was soon appointed as the overall General in charge of all freed prisoners from all compartments, about 24,000 people. At this point Jules had his six Unit I/Cs move up with him as his Commanders and a new command structure went in under him as follows:


General Jules

Deputy General Crystal

Aide-de-camp Lukas


Commanders (each with four of the old compartments assigned to them, about 1,200 people per compartment, 4,800 people under each Commander):


Halms (Commander of what had been Prison Compartments 1-3 & 17)

Gionis (Commander of what had been Prison Compartments 4-6 & 18)

Blixa (Commander of what had been Prison Compartments 7-10)

Kendra (Commander of what had been Prison Compartments 11-13 & 19 )

Albrest (Commander of what had been Prison Compartments 14-16 & 20)


Each Commander then organized up their areas as follows: the found and appointed themselves a deputy to assist them in carrying out their duties. And they each appointed four Section I/Cs who are in charge of 1,200 people who comprised an old compartment. Each Section I/C has five Unit I/Cs in charge of about 240 people each. It breaks down from there to units of five persons as the smallest units.


Notes on Lifespan:


Dragons live to be about 1,100-1,200 years on average. A pre-Quad is a dragon which is less than forty years old. A very old dragon may be as old as 1,800 years, not much older though really. Age scale:

1-10 human kid, 1-40 for dragons

10-20 human growth, 40-100 for dragons

20-50 human middle age, 100-650 for dragons

50-70 human “getting there,” 650-900, getting there for a dragon.

70-95 human is old, 900-1,100 a dragon is old

100- human dead, 1,100-1,200 most dragons die by then.


Notes on the Derkesthain Moon:


The moon takes 27 1/3rd days to complete its entire cycle in relation to Derkesthai. To Derklings it appears to be 29 ½ days due to Derkesthai’s movement. The moon rises an average of :50 minutes later each night. A new moon is completely dark, then you get a crescent moon, then a first quarter moon then a gibbous moon, thena full moon, then a gibbous moon, then a last quarter moon, then a crescent moon, then a new moon.


0- nothing, it starts first in the West, close behind the setting sun. Then progressively moves eastward. For our book, this is September 2nd.

3- crescent-

7- first quarter

10- gibbous moon

14.75- full- rises East in the early evening. This moon nearest the Autumn Equinox is called a the harvest moon and rises with the least delay of all. This is when the Dragon Moon Spell will be complete, Sept.16th.

17- gibbous moon

20- last quarter.

24- crescent- waning crescent rises just before dawn.

29- nothing