Derkesthai Planet, Land of Tlivus






Planet Derkesthai, Continent Tlivus

Angel’s Grace- a mountain peak, on the East side of the town of Lexiter.


Derkesthai- the planet of the Derkesthai Trilogy. “Derkesthai” is the Greek base of the word dragon, in Greek it meant “to see.”


Diluthian (River)- Nuasiotte used to flow south into it. Now she dries up well before the Diluthian.


Elevstad- Capital of the continent of Tlivus.


Elinthian Fields- the fields just north of Lake Elinthia.


Fraerburg- a town that Imbrasius’ love (now deceased) lived in.


Illoplisis- slave camp that Jos and Aresia grew up in.


Ilustrade- the cave where Heridosus held court.


Jeridstolt- western peak of the valley of Lexiter.


Klawsan’s cave- some twenty miles NW of Lexiter.


Lexiter- main town of Book One, near Granddad’s cave.


Lake Elinthia- lake just south of Elevstad.


Lonit- the mountain Klawsan lives/lived in.


Mount Klinx- a tall mountain just west of Lonit.


Nostivad- a town several hundred miles north of Klawsan’s home. Imbrasius grew up in this town.


Nuasiotte (River)- Southeast of Lexiter


Smelged- town about two hundred miles north of Lexiter.


Tilidian Mountains- the mountains well west of Lessiam’s awakening. A long range, they extend north of Elevstad.


Tlivus- continent where Dragon Moon Rising’s story takes place.